Breakfast and Today’s Workout

Breakfast today and a lot of days lately have been oatmeal. I use Coach’s Oats and usually and Chia seeds and some peanut butter. I sometimes add coconut shavings or Gigi berries. Turns out I’m not alone in thinking this is a healthy meal.

Today’s work out was thirty minutes or 10 miles in London on Zwift. That should wrap it up for London now. I took the picture below before my ride today. This menu is the only place I can find my progress in the mission. Wish it was other places.

That means I only have two worlds to worry about. Richmond and Innsbruck. I’m looking forward to knocking those out soon, but they are not offered as much as the other worlds so I think they will be the hardest for me to get done.

After Zwifting I did 30 minutes of yoga that felt great.

Week Over Week for March 3

In brief, last week was a good week. I outdid my previous week in all three categories. Calories burned increased by 15.25% to 7,572. Exercise minutes was very high, a record for me since I’ve begun tracking at 724 which was an increase of almost 30% over the previous week. Even miles covered increased by 21% at 39 miles. It is going to be tough to beat the week of March 3rd.

Tuesday Workout

I love this workout! It kicks my butt and it’s worth 500ish calories. Just what I need to burn off that impossible burger. It’s a sweat fest too. I feel so much better after!

It also lead to hitting all my goals. I don’t worry about that Fitbit calorie one. I just want the steps above 10k.

Jaybird Ride the Worlds

I’m very excited that I finished my 15 miles Watopia last night. That’s two worlds down. I’ve got New York done too. Next up I think is London on Wednesday and Thursday this week. I’m definitely doing tomorrow in London but not today as I have Step today which is enough for my legs in one day. I’m not even sure these headphones are that great, but the competition has done its job and gotten me excited about riding and knocking out these 15 miles per world.