Friday Workout

Zwift Mission
Yoga Cards

Two workouts today. I had some trouble with my Apple Watch today. It quickly drained down to 13% power all before noon today. So I had to put it back on the charger. I had already tried resetting it three times prior since this has happened a lot this last week. Today in addition to a restart I also unpaired and then re-paired it to my phone.

Somehow when I did this it messed up the tracking. I got the Zwift workout fine, since that is sent from Zwift to Strava then to the Apple Watch automatically. So the watch really doesn’t do any tracking. It is all Zwift. But when I did my Yoga workout pictured above with the cards, which are great by the way. The Apple Watch says Yoga 0 Cal. So it didn’t capture any calorie burn on there. Maybe because the health app needed to be reconnected. I’m not sure, but I did do that. We will have to see what happens on my next watch workout.

My Zwift ride today completed my Richmond 15 mile requirement for eh Ride the Worlds Mission. That means only one more world to go. But it is the one that is available the least this month. It is only available on the 21 and 22 of this month. That means I will have only those two days to get 15 miles in that work to be eligible for the mission sweepstakes. Wish me luck.