Race Report | WTRL TTT #92

This was 2 laps to Tick Tock (36.33km).

Team racing WTRL TTT #92

We were recently upgraded to Latte class. We were dominating in the Mocha league getting first place at least once. Then we moved to this new faster more competitive class and in tonights race we got 32nd out of 36 teams, in our time zone and class.

The best time for the course in the Latte class was 0:49:44.230 our team achieved 0:58:06.325. So it took us 10 more minutes than the fastest team in our class.

The course was very flat with only a few 3% bumps.

Course Route – Tick Tock

This was not an especially fast race for me. I hit no new records.

2.3 w/kg1862.4 w/kg2.5 w/kg3.5 w/kg3.5 w/kg3.5 w/kg
Zwift Power Numbers

This Week’s Workout Plan

  • Monday (6/8) – Yoga, 1k Monday or Herd Ride on Zwift
  • Tuesday (6/9) – Cardio kickboxing, Slow Twitch Group Workout
  • Wednesday (6/10) – Yoga, Hincapie Group Workout
  • Thursday (6/11) – Cardio Boxing, 1k Thursday?
  • Friday (6/12) – Morning Outdoor Ride

Live Streaming Zwift

Shane did a great job going over how to live stream zwift below. I’d really like to do this someday. I really should not have gotten rid of all my podcasting gear, it would come in handy for this. Cycling desks are sold out on Amazon, I need a laptop and a microphone to make this set up work. The green screen would be really cool too.

Zwift Parlee Speed Mission

Parlee RZ7

That’s right she is a beauty, isn’t she! Hidden cabling, full-carbon, and SRAM Red eTap AXS. This amazing bike comes in at just under $13,000. Ouch! Not something I could ever afford. But this month, I (or you) could win this superlight, amazingly fast bike on Zwift. But like everything on Zwift, you have to work for it. In order to be eligible for the sweepstakes, you need to enter the mission on the site and also complete 250km (155 miles) before 4/16.

In addition, to be entered to win the bike you will also get 100,000 drops. You can use the drops to help you buy the in-game version of the Parlee R27 or anything else you want from the drop shop. I’ll be focusing on getting this bike this week and of course, riding the Cervélo Gravel Rush Series which will have ride 3 on Thursday. Good luck and ride on!

Zwifting with Tony Kanaan

Tony Kanaan

Today all Zwifters get the opportunity to ride with Tony Kanaan, 2003 Indy 500 campion. For 60 minutes Tony will join zwifters and race through the sequoias and the desert. I’m really looking forward to this race at 4 pacific. Ride on!

Tony racing