Fun Friday

That is what it is called at the gym. No class at our usual time, just a white board with the workout you should complete. A friend and I went down and made up our own workout instead. We ran for 20 minutes, then we did upper body for 30 minutes. I got some more running / walking in between sets just for good measure. All that walking and running lead to 12k steps on fitbit for me.

Yesterday was also the 2nd phase of the 3 phase layoffs at work. So I had to say goodbye to more friends. It was a stressful long week and I’m glad it is over. We had homemade coffee cake, fresh fruit and other yummy foods that people brought in.

The goodbye spread of food

For lunch two friends and I went to The Counter and I got a 1lb Impossible burger. I order it like that because it will come with 3 patties. 1 for that lunch and two to take home. This works out really well since you can not buy Impossible meat in stores yet, although that is supposed to happen some time this year.