Busy Days!

Lots going on at work, but I was happy to still find time to get to the gym for a difficult Butts & Guts workout hour. Even though mist of my day was stuck at a desk I managed to close my rings on the apple watch with this workout.

Breakfast was guess what overnight oats with strawberries. Very filling. Lunch was delayed and I was ready for something good. I got to eat with a friend who has moved to a different department and it was great to catch up. I had a roasted veggie bowl at Sharky’s, one of my favorites and super satisfying.

Just looked at Fitbit for the first time today and I’m glad to see I’m at 8.5k. I should be able to make the final 1.5k easily today. I think I can squeeze in a short walk before it gets too dark.

Leaving the office later than usual, I was in traffic for longer which allowed me to listen to The Circle by Dave Eggers a little longer than usual. It’s getting good and I’m enjoying the story very much. I’ve already seen the movie so I am enjoying finding the differences between the movie and the book. The book holds my attention well and before I know it I’m home.

Breakfast and Today’s Workout

Breakfast today and a lot of days lately have been oatmeal. I use Coach’s Oats and usually and Chia seeds and some peanut butter. I sometimes add coconut shavings or Gigi berries. Turns out I’m not alone in thinking this is a healthy meal.

Today’s work out was thirty minutes or 10 miles in London on Zwift. That should wrap it up for London now. I took the picture below before my ride today. This menu is the only place I can find my progress in the mission. Wish it was other places.

That means I only have two worlds to worry about. Richmond and Innsbruck. I’m looking forward to knocking those out soon, but they are not offered as much as the other worlds so I think they will be the hardest for me to get done.

After Zwifting I did 30 minutes of yoga that felt great.