Zwift | Ride the Worlds

Before it all went downhill

Ride the worlds is a mission in Zwift this month. The first mission I have tried. I don’t think I’ve ever done 15 miles in one sitting on Zwift. My seat is just not comfortable enough. But Innsbruck doesn’t show up much. It will only be available twice more this month, including tomorrow.

So I settled in and started. I was in no hurry and thought it would take me more than an hour. Actually it took just over that. On the downhill on the flat track, I finally hit 15 miles. I got the pop-up below.

But it didn’t go away. Zwfit had froze! So now I didn’t know if I had gotten credit for it or not. I skipped the gym today so I would have the energy to ride this today. I did end up getting the email saying congratulations for finishing the mission, so I’m very happy about that.

Tuesday’s step class was rough. Lots of squats, but I made it. Wednesday I was really sore but determined to hit my fitbit goal. I ended up surpassing it by hitting the treadmill and elliptical before Yoga. I got 18k steps yesterday.

Today I will be lucky to hit 10k steps, as it was all about the 15 miles in Innsbruck today. I’ll have to make up for it tomorrow.