Catch up on Workouts

With all these Veestro posts I thought I should take a break and do some updates on how my exercising has been going. Saturday was great because I got in a 20 mile ride and it was a blast. Sunday we got really busy and I didn’t have time to workout. My Zwift bike had very low tire pressure so I did get a new pump and fixed that on Sunday, but I didn’t have time to ride after that.

Somehow on Sunday I did manage to hit my Fitbit steps, but not any of Amy Apple Watch circles.

Yesterday, Monday was a good day I fit in some steps/walks and also did Yoga at the gym. Today will be a good day because we have a step class. I always look forward to those!

Weekend Update | Poor Performance

On Saturday morning I had some food that didn’t agree with me and lost a lot of exercise time. I was never able to complete the circles on that day.

Sunday was better with a long walk before church and then played some basketball with Samantha. It was a lot of fun but lead to a sore ankle and toe. Monday lead to a dr. Appt to look at toe. Seems to be more arthritis. Not very happy about that, but don’t plan to let it slow me down, I’ll just have to minimize impact on my right leg as much as possible.

Monday was better than Saturday with a 1 Mile walk with the girls and almost 9 miles on Zwift.

Yesterday was the best. I ate well and with step class managed to close all my rings and also get 14k steps. Good day!

Today is Yoga class so I will need to fit in some cardio as well. I have had overnight oats both mornings this week. Emily helped me make mine last night and she did a great job!