Veestro Review | Turk’y Scaloppini Dinner

All ready to eat!

This meal from Veestro is fairly new. I hadn’t seen it before and this if the first time I had it. I really liked the Turk’y and even though I cooked it for the full 20 minutes, it did not get dry.

This meal is 430 calories, so a touch higher than some of the other Veestro meals, but the sweet mashed potatoes are so worth it! They are the star of the dish for sure.

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I think this is a welcome dinner meal to our weekly routine and great during the colder months.

From frozen to plate in 20 minutes-ish

Veestro Review | Herb Crusted Turk’y Dinner

Veestro Herb Crusted Turk'y Dinner
Veestro Herb Crusted Turk’y Dinner

Dang! this was very good. The stuffing comes in a brick but is very good. At first, I thought the cranberry sauce was some kind of dessert, but after warming up it was clear that it was cranberry sauce. The patty of vegan goodness here is thick and big. It was very good. Reminded me of the gardin mini turkey loaves.

This looks to be a seasonal item for Veestro, but I hope they changed their minds. I would love this to have this all year long. I had three of these in my shipment this time and I’m glad I got them. If you have a chance to get this in your shipment make sure you do. So good and filling! It made me smile ear to ear. Only 410 calories too. You can learn more about Veestro here.

Veestro is a food delivery service. They make 100% plan based food that is fully cooked and deliver it to your home on a schedule you choose. You can choose the dishes they send or go with one of their pre-selected plans. Just warm up the dish and eat. That’s it.

Veestro Review | “Chicken” Quesadilla

I followed instructions on this Veestro meal as I do on all of them but it seems this didn’t get completely thawed in the center. First recommendation if you make this is to cook it a little longer and make sure the center, thickest part, is warm all the way through.

Make sure you use the sauce on this dish as well, it was a good one. I’ve never been a huge fan of vegan cheese. It just doesn’t taste like real cheese. Maybe you can get past this but it still bothers me. Because of the cheese on this I probably won’t get this one again, too bad as the sauce was great!

Veestro | Savory Croquettes

Breakfast again. Veestro vegan savory croquettes should be cooked in the oven. Their brochure says to take a meal out of the freezer the day before, but then the instructions are from frozen not thawed. So I decided not to burn this using the oven instructions and instead cooked this meal in the microwave. I think that was a mistake. As you can see from the images above the croquettes are breaded and I think they would have been better oven cooked. Maybe they would have been a bit toasty. Cooked in the microwave they were mushy.

The taste of the croquettes was very good. Looks like they were tofu based while it tasted light it was very filling. The sauce was not too flavorful but was a good addition. I could see if they were cooked in the oven that they might get dry so the sauce is a good idea. the veggies included were very good. They were my favorite. Again they were small like the other dishes, not sure if this is to make sure the defrost quickly or if it is another reason. The meal also included some chopped walnuts. I’m not sure how well they complemented the meal, but they tasted fine. In the pictures I covered them with some sauce. I would order this meal again.

Veestro Review | Breakfast

This morning I tried a different Veestro meal for breakfast. Last night I got it out of the freezer and put it in the fridge to defrost overnight. I also took the time to cook this in the oven. This is the first breakfast burrito I’ve ever gotten that had sauce. The meal needed 20-23 minutes in the oven and you have to stir the sauce about halfway through.

This meal is pretty heavy at 390 calories with the sauce. Taste wise I liked this better than last night’s meal of bbq chicken. The burrito was good and since it is vegan it used tofu instead of eggs. Very tasty. It also came with very small chopped potatoes. They were seasoned, but so small! I wish they had been cut a little larger. They still tasted good though.

I would get this one again! However, I think that breakfast is easy for me to do by making some oatmeal or overnight oats. So I don’t think I would get many breakfast going forward. Lunch and dinner are harder for me to make and therefore more valuable to have something ready to go.