Veestro | Savory Croquettes

Breakfast again. Veestro vegan savory croquettes should be cooked in the oven. Their brochure says to take a meal out of the freezer the day before, but then the instructions are from frozen not thawed. So I decided not to burn this using the oven instructions and instead cooked this meal in the microwave. I think that was a mistake. As you can see from the images above the croquettes are breaded and I think they would have been better oven cooked. Maybe they would have been a bit toasty. Cooked in the microwave they were mushy.

The taste of the croquettes was very good. Looks like they were tofu based while it tasted light it was very filling. The sauce was not too flavorful but was a good addition. I could see if they were cooked in the oven that they might get dry so the sauce is a good idea. the veggies included were very good. They were my favorite. Again they were small like the other dishes, not sure if this is to make sure the defrost quickly or if it is another reason. The meal also included some chopped walnuts. I’m not sure how well they complemented the meal, but they tasted fine. In the pictures I covered them with some sauce. I would order this meal again.