Veestro Review | Herb Crusted Turk’y Dinner

Veestro Herb Crusted Turk'y Dinner
Veestro Herb Crusted Turk’y Dinner

Dang! this was very good. The stuffing comes in a brick but is very good. At first, I thought the cranberry sauce was some kind of dessert, but after warming up it was clear that it was cranberry sauce. The patty of vegan goodness here is thick and big. It was very good. Reminded me of the gardin mini turkey loaves.

This looks to be a seasonal item for Veestro, but I hope they changed their minds. I would love this to have this all year long. I had three of these in my shipment this time and I’m glad I got them. If you have a chance to get this in your shipment make sure you do. So good and filling! It made me smile ear to ear. Only 410 calories too. You can learn more about Veestro here.

Veestro is a food delivery service. They make 100% plan based food that is fully cooked and deliver it to your home on a schedule you choose. You can choose the dishes they send or go with one of their pre-selected plans. Just warm up the dish and eat. That’s it.