Race Report | WTRL TTT #92

This was 2 laps to Tick Tock (36.33km).

Team racing WTRL TTT #92

We were recently upgraded to Latte class. We were dominating in the Mocha league getting first place at least once. Then we moved to this new faster more competitive class and in tonights race we got 32nd out of 36 teams, in our time zone and class.

The best time for the course in the Latte class was 0:49:44.230 our team achieved 0:58:06.325. So it took us 10 more minutes than the fastest team in our class.

The course was very flat with only a few 3% bumps.

Course Route – Tick Tock

This was not an especially fast race for me. I hit no new records.

2.3 w/kg1862.4 w/kg2.5 w/kg3.5 w/kg3.5 w/kg3.5 w/kg
Zwift Power Numbers