Breakfast and Today’s Workout

Breakfast today and a lot of days lately have been oatmeal. I use Coach’s Oats and usually and Chia seeds and some peanut butter. I sometimes add coconut shavings or Gigi berries. Turns out I’m not alone in thinking this is a healthy meal.

Today’s work out was thirty minutes or 10 miles in London on Zwift. That should wrap it up for London now. I took the picture below before my ride today. This menu is the only place I can find my progress in the mission. Wish it was other places.

That means I only have two worlds to worry about. Richmond and Innsbruck. I’m looking forward to knocking those out soon, but they are not offered as much as the other worlds so I think they will be the hardest for me to get done.

After Zwifting I did 30 minutes of yoga that felt great.