Food Review | Gardein Shakshuka Breakfast Bowl

Vegan Breakfast Bowl

Here we go again. Another breakfast bowel from Gardein. I have to say after the steak and eggs breakfast bowl I wasn’t super excited to try another bowl. This one was better though, maybe because of the lack of that green sauce. This one instead had a red sauce, and something that was cheesy, but not cheese as this is a vegan meal. The meal was ready in only 6 minutes.

Taste better than it looks

I liked the heat in the dish, it wasn’t too much but just right for me. And the meat had the right texture and sponginess. I had to look up Shakshuka it “is a delicious combination of eggs, tomatoes, and spices popular across the Middle East and North Africa” according to google. That is a pretty good description of this meal. This one I might try again. However, keep in mind if it comes in a box, it’s not as good for you as simpler overnight oatmeal.

Lots of ingredients there!

Vegan Food Review | Gardein Stea’k & e’ggs Breakfast Bowl

Gardein Stea’k & e’ggs Breakfast Bowl

Yes, it is vegan. If you are looking for something easy to take to work that is different and easy, this might be a good option. It takes 5 minutes to warm up and comes with a sauce on top of the whole thing. The steak does not taste or have the mouthfeel of steak. If you’re trying this for the steak taste move on. If you are eating this and want some protein in the morning and can’t remember what steak and eggs taste like then you might be okay with this. I won’t be getting this again.

Cooked meal

This wasn’t a horrible meal. It did break up my breakfast routine and that was nice. I tried something new and I probably won’t get this again, unless I get very bored with my usual breakfast options again.

Is it healthy?

So, is it healthy? Probably not. Look at all those ingredients and that 780 mg (34% of your daily). That’s not good. Calorie-wise, it’s not horrible if its the only thing you have for your meal. One more thing, I hate it when they put an apostrophe in a word just to indicate its not real eggs or meat.