Weekly Cybersecurity Wrap-up 3/4/24


  • TryHackMe (Top 3% of users!) – OWASP Juice Shop – Complete
  • TryHackMe – Hashing – Crypto 101 – In Progress


  • The Rising Cyber Risks Of Social Engineering & Personal Devices – Michela Menting, Jennifer Varner and Nasrin Rezai – A steady rise in social engineering attacks highlights the risks associated with the human element, with employees inadvertently providing entry points into enterprise networks through acts as simple as providing personal information gained from a LinkedIn account to an urgent text message that leads to a click on malware. These risks can be heightened even further when employees use their personal devices, which can lack the proper security software required to thwart potential attacks.



  • Cyberwire – Ep 2020 | 3.8.24 – From breach to battle: The escalating threat of Midnight Blizzard.