Weekly Cybersecurity Wrap-up 9/17/23


This week I watched a lot of youtubes. Some of the were okay.

The below brighttalk talk was one of the best I’ve been too and its monthly so you should really watch this and make sure to catch them monthly.

Verizon Threat Research Advisory Center MIB – Monthly Update for September. Great webinar and worth 1 CPE.

This one below from Black Hills Information Security was the best thing I watched this week. Great for beginners like me:



  • ISC Daily Stormcast – SANS Podcast for 8/21/23 – DNS TTls; Snatch Ransomware; npm packages; nagios xi vuln;
  • Cyberwire Daily – Ep 1910 | 9.20.23 – Hacking the ICC. ShroudedSnooper active, simple, and novel. New criminal malware used against Chinese-speakers. More on the materiality of cyberattacks.
  • BEERS WITH TALOS – Rachel Tobac on social engineering, expanding opportunities for women in cybersecurity


TryHackMe – SOC Level 1(74 % Complete): Windows Forensics 1 – Complete