Weekly Cybersecurity Wrap-up 8/28/23

Little behind this week. It’s been busy. Still plugging away at learning all I can though.


  • (ICS)2 – The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on the Cybersecurity Industry – 8/30/23 – The impact of artificial intelligence (AI) on the cybersecurity industry is among the hottest topics discussed and debated amongst security professionals. From a positive perspective, AI has infused a myriad of threat detection and prevention platforms with newfound methods for uncovering sophisticated threats. It has also helped short-staffed security teams automate complex processes, such as incident validation and response. But AI also comes at a price. Join Steve Piper, Founder & CEO of CyberEdge (and proud CISSP), as he addresses the good, the bad, and the ugly outcomes of artificial intelligence.




TryHackMe – SOC Level 1: Introduction to SIEM, Investigating with ELK 101, ItsyBitsy – Complete