Cybersecurity Podcasts

Last month John on Mastodon asked what podcast people were listening to. I jumped in with my list, but I learned of a lot more out there then I was aware of. Being a big podcast fan this is one of the first mediums I turned to myself when looking for information about cyber security. Since replying to that post I have built a longer list of podcasts that I listen to and podcast that I want to listen to.

Podcast I listen to

  • Security Now – I have listened to this program for a long time. It is a weekly show that goes over the news and answers listener questions. It is part of the TWIT family of podcasts. I reccomend checking the rest of their podcasts out if you are into technology. They are wonderfully produced. This podcast is on the longer side, usually around 1.5 to 2 hours.
  • Smashing Security – This is also a weekly podcast, but has an emphasis on funny. They cover the wild part of security. The stories are always funny! This is a shorter podcast, usually under an hour. I never miss this one.
  • Risky Business – I haven’t listened to many episodes of this podcast, but I have enjoyed those I have caught. I hope to listen to many more soon.
  • Darknet Diaries – These episodes go very deep. The story telling is simply magnificent. If you only have time for one podcast in cybersecurity make it this one.
  • Paul’s Security Weekly – A quick weekly roundup of what is going on in cyber security.
  • Malicious Life – Great episodes that I found gripping. I loved the episode on SIM-swapping.
  • Hacking Humans – I’ve only caught one of these so far, I’m looking forward to listening to more though.

Podcast I have not yet listened to