Weekly Cybersecurity Wrap Up 1/30/23

A weekly roundup of my continued learning in cybersecurity. What webinars I attended, podcast I listened to, the articles I read and projects I’m working on.




  • Smashing Security – 306: No Fly lists, cell phones, and the end of ransomware riches? – What are prisoners getting up to with mobile phones? Why might ransomware no longer be generating as much revenue for cybercriminals? And how on earth did an airline leave the US government’s “No Fly” list accessible for anyone in the world to download?
  • Malicious Life – You Should Be Afraid of SIM Swaps – If SIM swap stories ever make the news, almost uniformly, they focus on people who lost a lot of money. But SIM swaps also take a psychological toll. Getting cut off from the grid all of a sudden, not knowing why, not being able to call for help. Even when it’s over, you never know if your attackers — whoever they are — will come back again.
  • Security Masterminds – Why a Data-Driven cybersecurity Defense Will Protect Your Organization With Special Guest, Roger Grimes – Excellent podcast, bit of John McAfee bashing, not that it wasn’t deserved. Get past that and the content is great.
  • Security Weekly News – SWN #269 – Empathy, Bitwarden, Lexmark, Exchange, Dragonbridge, & Derek Johnson Talks About Hive
  • Security Weekly News – SWN #270– SwiftSlicer, vRealize, Google Play, KeePass, Huawei, & Github –
  • Security Now 908 – Data Operand Independent Timing – Old Android apps, Kevin Rose, iOS 6.3 and FIDO, Hive hacked


TryHackMe – This week I focused on the How the Web Works. I’m working through the HTTP in Detail room.

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