Vegan Cuts November 2019 Snack Box

Vegancuts November 2019 Snackbox Contents

In November I received an unexpected box. A new subscription box that my wife got me for Christmas. We didn’t know that we would get November’s box, but I was pleasantly surprised.

I wanted to create this post to remember what were my favorite things in the box. I’ve tried most things now.

Winner! Popchips, this is an easy one. I’ve had these before and I love them. I didn’t even get to eat the ones that came in the box, my daughter took them to school and poof, gone. When we see these in the store we buy them!

Endangered Species ESC One Puffed Rice Crunch + Dark Chocolate bar, this was very good. I wonder how much it would be by itself since it was small and contained just about every certification you can get on a food product. I won’t go looking for this, but I did like it.

Winner! JJ’s Sweets Coconut Sugar Caramels, these were very sweet. A lot softer than slat water taffy, and very yummy. If we see these at the store we will get them.

Winner! Unreal Dark Chocolate Peanut Gems. We have these at our local sprouts and will be picking them up occasionally. What a nice treat. The coloring is made from plant-based dyes, no red no. 5 here!

Cauli-Rice. I tried this with some vegetable korma on top for lunch yesterday. I found that the “rice” produced a lot of liquid when warmed up. It was still good, but be aware it makes your dish a little watery.

Winner! Four Sigmatic Chai Latte Mushroom Mix was fantastic. I would get this again! Very yummy!

Winner! Good! Snacks Birthday Cake Bar. This is the first time I have bit into a protein bar and been flabbergasted that it actually tastes like the description. This thing really tasted like birthday cake and we will be buying some of these from their website as I can’t find them in stores near me.

Tahoe Trail Bar Caramel Chocolate Chunk. This bar was just okay. Nothing wrong with it, but not a favorite of mine in the box. Lots of rice, for a good crunch and I, could taste the chocolate, but not the caramel.

IQ Bar. I haven’t tried this yet, so a place holder for later… UPDATE: No, just no. I took a bite and didn’t like it. I gave it another chance taking a second bit and immediately regretted it. The rest went into the trash bin.

Shanti Bar. This was a very small piece of coconut with other things in it. I don’t remember it well, because I didn’t care for it much. I won’t be searching this one out.

Winner! La Colombe Oat Milk Draft Latte. This product is the reason for this post. I don’t want to forget this. I’m going to look for these online and off. This was SO good. Still not sure if I opened it right, but I loved it!

Last one, New Chapter Complete Organic Plant Protein Chocolate Powder. I blended this with a banana and the 10 ouches of liquid (almond milk) as suggested, but I still tasted the chalkiness that most of these powders have. I didn’t love the flavor and I didn’t like the texture. This is in the no pile.