Book Review |The End of Animal Farming: How Scientists, Entrepreneurs, and Activists Are Building an Animal-Free Food System

The End of Animal Farming
The End of Animal Farming

I’m reading more and more vegan or animal-free books. When walking through my local library this bright red book cover caught my attention. I wondered if they would discuss Impossible Foods, a food brand that has created meat, that taste very near the real thing. So much like the real thing many people can’t tell the difference. Not only does Jacy dive into this he does a very deep dive in, The End of Animal Farming. There is a lot of work put into this book and polished. Jacy has included many ways that we as individuals can help beyond just changing our diet.

“…technology therorist Tom Chatfield listed “eating mean and factory farming” first in his predictions of what our descendants in centuries to come will deplore about today’s society.”

For those that believe in saving animals, whether you are vegan, vegetarian or not, it doesn’t matter. You can make a difference.

“…the average American consumes far more that the Recommednded Daily Allowance of protien, around 145 percent the RDA for women and 176 percent for men.”

“…vegetarian diet can spare 371 to 582 animals each year.”

“I’d guess it’ll take another ten to twenty years–around 2038 to 2068–for animal-free foods to make up the majority of meat, dairy, and eggs in high0income countries”

As you might be able to tell this is an important topic to me. I hope you take the time to watch the video above and if you want to learn more please give Jacy’s book a try. You will learn a lot. This book earned 4 stars from me.