Review: The Secret Garden

The Secret Garden
The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett

This children’s classic is about a girl orphan and a little sickly boy who strike up a friendship because of their similar disposition and their shared interest in a secret garden.  Through their friendship and plenty of play in the secret garden the sickly boy regains his health.  Frances Hodgson Burnett’s classic The Secret Garden is a great book.  Thats what makes it a classic.  Like everyone else I have heard of this book and I also knew that it was a 1993 movie of the same title.

I didn’t start listening to this book for any of those reasons though.  I did start listening to it because it is on my BBC 100 list.  That makes it part of one of a few challenges I am completing in this year.  I downloaded this book on my iPhone via overdrive and listened whenever I had a moment.  It is well read by Johanna Ward aka Jennifer Mendenhall.  I’m very confused as to why these narrators keep different names.  I’m sure its all due to how “show business” works.  David Case did the same thing.

This was the 23rd book I’ve read thus far this year.  I’m about 10 books ahead of my goal of 100 books.  Plus this means I have another book off the BBC 100 list.  At sometime I would really like to be able to watch the movies that all these books have associated with them, but I can’t keep myself from picking up a book instead of watching television.

I liked this book.  It wasn’t amazing, but again is a children’s story.  It is a sold 3 star book in my opinion and I am glad I have read it.  I can see why it is a classic.