Placentia, a Pleasant Place

Placentia, A Pleasant Place by Virginia L. Carpentar
Placentia, A Pleasant Place by Virginia L. Carpenter

This is a story that should prove why your local library is so important.  I found a video on my twitter feed from the city of Placentia.  The video reminded me of a book that I found at the Placentia Library, Placentia, A Pleasant Place by Virginia L. Carpenter.  She literally wrote the book on Placentia.  I stubbled upon this browsing through the books in the Friends of the library section of the Placentia Library.  They were asking $20 for the book.  At first, I thought this was a little steep, but being new to the city, I wanted to lear about the history of it.  After all I am a history buff.

I was wondering a little more about Virginia today as well.  I’m not finding much about her except links to her book, now selling for $95 most places!  I did find a little on the Placentia Library website.  She was hired as a librarian there in August 1953.  In April 1978, she helped dedicate the California room in the library where she signed copies of her book.  I have the revised edition pictured above that was published in 1988.

I also found some 1984 minutes from the city where the then major Richard Buck presented a proclamation that July 17, 1984 be Virginia Carpenter Day in Placentia.

Finally, I tweeted to the Placentia Library to find out more.  They have reached out but only to schedule time in the history room.  I’m a little disappointed in that, because I just wanted a simple answer.  Hopefully, I’ll learn more when I have time to schedule time with them.