Review: The Secret History

The Secret History
The Secret History by Donna Tartt

Halfway through The Secret History by Donna Tartt I knew I was going to give this book a 5 out of 5.  It is a story about a handful of students that are taught by a special professor.  The professor only has this handful of students and teaches all but one or two of the students classes himself.  An oddity in college.  The story takes place in Vermont.  The students see them self as elite as does the professor and the professor helps them see only the best in themselves.

The students take things too far.  Further than you or I would think possible.  There are several places where Greek is spoken but you get the just of things so it’s okay.  It helps if you have read some of the Greek classics.  Just when you think the book is winding down, boom!  There is a surprise.  Great book!

I listened to the audio edition of the book.  It is read by Donna Tartt, the author.  I love it when the author does the audio book themselves.  You know they are reading it the way it is meant to be read.  They are putting emphasis in all the right places.  They do the voices of the characters as they should be and as they felt they would be.  Really it’s the best thing you can get if unable to read the print version.

This book is on the BBC 100 list that I have been referring to often in my writing on this blog.  So, I’m very glad I can put a line through another title.  I would recommend this book to my friends.  It is a great story and not slow by any means.