About Video Creation

I did it!  I finally did it.  Last night I watched a video from Peter Likes Books.  In the video, Peter convinced me to just jump in.  The video is shaky and you can see me glancing at my notes.  It is also heavily edited which I know will come across as you watch it.  I have a tripod and a good DLSR that does video, but I didn’t use it.  On the next video, I will try to use that setup, especially if I will just be standing there talking to the camera.

For this video, I used an iPhone 7 Plus.  It’s shaky because I’m holding it myself the whole time.  While I do have a Kindle Oasis unboxing out there on youtube, it is not on my Jason Reads channel, which I did research to figure out how to start today.  Recording the video only took about 5 minutes.  I did write up some notes before I started.  This may have backfired as I kept looking down at them.  It probably took me about 30 minutes to edit the video.

If you have tips for me to implement for my next video please leave them in the comments below.  I will for sure be using a tripod if the next video permits.  That should help a lot.  If you liked the video please subscribe and give it a thumbs up!

Here is Peter’s video which convinced me to just do it!  Thanks, Peter!  You’ve got a new subscriber!