Review: Someday, Someday, Maybe

Someday, Someday, Maybe
Someday, Someday, Maybe by Lauren Graham

I’m so excited.  I heard via Kindles and Wine, that Lauren Graham wrote a book!  Awesome for fans of the Gilmore Girls, then I read more and see that she voices her own audiobook!  I know I’m going to get this right away.  I’ve always been a fan of the Gilmore Girls, I think my sister-in-law Lisa introduced me to the show, I’m not sure.  Anyway, I’m writing this a little early since I haven’t finished listening to the book yet, I found it on Overdrive, but I had to write down how I felt about the series coming back.  Thats right, It has been confirmed by the New York Times that the show is coming back to Netflix!  No solid dates, but how awesome.  They are recording now!

So, if you will excuse me I have to go back to listening to this audiobook!

Okay, all done.  When I was down to the last 20 minutes it was hard to move forward, because I knew the book would end soon and the story and worse of all the sound of Lauren Graham’s voice.

I liked the story.  It was a good love triangle and Ms. Graham’s wit is quick which made the whole story that much more enjoyable.  The book moved fast but had a wonderful writing style that was very easy on the eyes/ears.  I was rooting for one of the guys as soon as he was introduced and that was a fun way to listen to the book.  This audiobook earned 4 out of 5 stars with me.