Book Review: Secrets of the Chest

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This is a tough review.  I really like the story in the jacket sleeve of this.  Actually, that was sent to me from the publisher and I liked it so much I requested a copy of the book.  When it came I was excited to start it, but as I read I lost interest in the story.  IT started out okay, but it kept going on subjects it needed to just move on with.  This is another book that it took me a very long time to get through.  I kept putting it down to read something else.  However, since I hate leaving a book unfinished, I picked it up when I could.  5 months passed and I finally had it done.  I gave it 2 stars.  I think this book had potential, but it didn’t execute.  What makes this review tough is I asked for this book and I don’t want to give it a poor review, but I have.  I’m the only reviewer of this book on good reads and the poor thing has a 2-star rating.  I hope others will review this book, but I can recommend it.