Will Read for Food

In and Out Reading Program
In and Out Reading Program

Reading programs are fun for everyone.  And even though mom and dad are vegetarians we still love that the kiddos are reading on their winter break, so we are just fine with getting them some free burgers to enjoy.  And even vegetarians can enjoy their french fries!

This is one more reason I love our local libraries.  It is also very frustrating to see how little they are utilized.  There are many, many reasons to go to the library, and yes free stuff is one of those reasons.  During the summer there is a reading program that the kids get gifts.  Don’t have kids?  That’s fine there are adult reading programs too.  I won a grill this summer doing a summer reading program.  On a previous summer, I won two free bags of Trader Joe’s groceries.

We usually go to the library every weekend.  Sometimes a bit less when we are really busy or the kids have gotten some books from relatives (Always a good gift).  Emily who is 4 enjoys reading anything that is related to what she is watching on tv.  Samantha who is 9 likes to read the Who is…  and What is… non-fiction books from her school library.

I look forward to each summer because that is when I get the majority of my reading done.  I look for short books that I have an interest in.  There are a lot!  Using this method I’m able to read a lot and get lots of entries into the sweepstakes that the libraries usually do for the adult reading programs.