Reading War and Peace: January Update

War and Peace is "Heavy Reading"
War and Peace is “Heavy Reading” by Jill Clardy

Last check-in I had read 2.5% of War and Peace.  So, where am I in the book? I am 6.3% into the book.  This is bad, this is very bad.  I needed to hit 8.2% by the 31st of January.  I’m 2 points or 129 pages behind on my reading.  That may not sound like much, but combined with the February goal of another 8.2% of the book or 560 pages, that is going to be a tall building to scale.

I’m reading this on my mobile phone so the pages are very small, which means there are more of them 6,822 pages at the font size I have chosen.  Do you think ‘ol Tolstoy would have every thought someone would be reading his work on a small glowing screen which made phone calls and ordered coffee in advance of their arrival at a cafe that charged over $3 for a cup of coffee?

I thought I might be able to find a group reading the book right now especially since the show is out now from BBC.  I haven’t watched any of the episodes, but I would like to.  We will see, maybe watching an episode or two would help me get more into the book.