Book Review | Rape: A Love Story

Rape: A Love Story
Rape: A Love Story

This book was very difficult to read.  The title is not misleading.  You are getting exactly what you think with this book.  With that said if you can stomach the awfulness of this Oates writing is very good and this is an important book.  These stories need to be out there.  This specific book Rape: A Love Story is fiction, but so often it is not for many, many others.

Again this is very tough material.  You will cringe you will want to put it down and not pick it back up.  But again, this is worth repeating.  This is some people’s life.  We must learn about this.  Not that we will understand their pain, but so we can at least begin to understand the horridness.

A local woman known to all in the small town takes a shortcut.  She is accosted by some local men and you know what happens.  The story is told in parts with the timeline all mixed up.  You don’t get the whole story until the end.  You will live through the pain with Teena as she fights to maintain her sanity.  And there is one more thing and it’s even worse, her daughter is with her when it happens.

I gave this book four stars, it may have earned more if not for the topic.  It was just so damn hard to get through.  If you want to challenge yourself with a tough read like I did, then you can try this book, but you have been warned, it is not a pleasant read.