Veestro Review

Veestro is a meal box subscription service. You can choose what is sent to you. The food is 100% cooked, you just have to warm it up. The best part of this service is that all the food is vegan. Today we received our first box and I tried Southwest BBQ Chick’n. The chicken of course is not real chicken. It doesn’t taste like chicken, but its not bad. The sauce was good and taste with just the right amount of tang. The chicken was just okay.

The meal also came with fingerling potatoes, these were very well done and I added some ketchup to make them perfect. Lastly, there was a mix of vegetables that consisted of chopped squash and corn. It was good but a little mushy.

To be fair I did microwave the meal and I think if I had cooked it in the oven the vegetables would have turned out better and probably improved the potatoes as well. I was just too hungry to wait.

We have a lot more of these meals, I hope to remember to take pictures and rate them here for you. So you can decide if this meal option is right for you.