TryHackMe Walkthrough – Phishing Prevention

Task 1: Introduction

Question 1: After visiting the link in the task, what is the MITRE ID for the “Software Configuration” mitigation technique?

Follow the link to Look for Software Configuration and the ID is there.

Answer: M1054

Task 2: SPF (Sender Policy Framework

Question 1: Referencing the dmarcian SPF syntax table, what prefix character can be added to the “all” mechanism to ensure a “softfail” result?

Follow the link to the page and then click on the here in: “More in-depth information on the differences between “~” and “–” can be found here

This gives you the…

Anwser: ~

Question 2: What is the meaning of the -all tag?

This answer is on that second webpage as well. Scroll down a little and to see the difference between ~all and -all.

  • “softfail” in the case of “~”
  • fail” in the case of “-“

Answer: fail

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