Book Review: Last Full Measure

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I like Star Trek.  You could even call me a Treky.  I really liked the Enterprise tv show.  I have watched it on Netflix from start to finish in addition to seeing it live when the show was still airing.  I can watch those episodes over and over.  When the show was pulled I was bummed.  The world without a Star Trek series currently on air makes me sad.  I hope it someday makes its way back on the air.  In the meantime, there are always books!  I started reading the Star Trek Enterprise series back in 2013.  The books feel real comfortable to me.  Probably because I have watched all the series from the original to Enterprise.  I have not read a book in the series that I hated.  I’ve read some that I particularly care for, but I wouldn’t call it a waste of time.

The Last Full Measure follows along the story from the original episode when the show was still on.  Therefore, I like this one a little less because I already know the story.  Having said that I still enjoyed my time reading this book in the series.  If you are reading the series and don’t want to read the books that are also an episode you can skip this one.  If like me, you enjoy all the Star Trek you can get, this book is a good addition to the ongoing series.  I’m looking forward to the next book.