Top 7 Veestros

Veestro is a plant-based meal delivery service. The meals that you get are fully made and only need to be reheated. You can reheat your meal in the microwave, stovetop or oven.

The meal plan we subscribe to is called the A La Carte Plan. You can choose which meals you want sent to you. I have been receiving the Veestro meals for about a year now. I stole all the images from Veestro. Below are my favorites:

Southwest BBQ Chick’n

Number 7 – Southwest BBQ Chick’n (360 calories w/ sauce)

The BBQ sauce on this is not very spicy and has the right amount of sweetness for me. This also comes with some mixed veggies on the side and some fingerling potatoes. This meal is best prepared in the oven.

Breakfast Burrito

Number 6 – Breakfast Burrito (390 calories)

The sauce on this is basic tomato sauce, nothing fancy, but it does deliver on a very good wet breakfast burrito. Those aren’t eggs either, yummy tofu is seasoned well in this meal. This meal is best prepared in the microwave for a quick meal, for drier/crispy tortilla reheat in the oven. I usually can’t wait in the morning. The potatoes that come with this are heavily seasoned, which is not depicted well in the image above.

Veggie Empanadas

Number 5 – Veggie Empanadas (400 calories + 270 for Chimichurri sauce)

I love eating empanadas, but I hate making them. Veestro has your back again! You get three of these beauties which are best reheated in the oven. I don’t like oil heavy sauces, so I don’t use the Chimichurri sauce. I live to eat this with Bitchin’ Sauce.

Country Fried Chick’n

Number 4 – Country Fried Chick’n (360 calories + 80 for sauce)

One of my true favorites. The gravy here has whole mushrooms in it so, it looks very different from what is pictured here. This meal is best reheated in the oven so the outside of the chicken is nice and crunchy.

Chinese Eggplant StirFry

Number 3 – Chinese Eggplant StirFry (630 calories)

This is by far the heaviest meal by calories. This meal has a peanut buttery meal. I reheat this on the stovetop and its very delicious! The sauce makes this dish!

Oatmeal Breakfast Pie

Number 2 – Oatmeal Breakfast Pie (310 calories)

This is such an easy meal to reheat. Just pop it in the microwave and it is done in minutes! I also like to cut this in smaller pieces and add almond milk and other toppings. This is a great breakfast!

Chick’n Nuggets

Number 1 – Chick’n Nuggets (300 calories + 60 for sauce)

These are so good! They are comfort food for me for sure. The sauce on these is again so very good. Not too sweet and not too spicy. These are best reheated in the oven.