Review: Kindle Oasis

Kindle Oasis
Kindle Oasis

Yes, I got one.  I pre-ordered Kindle Oasis with a brown cover on the first day possible and just received mine, two days after the official launch.  Since there was a delay you could infer that the demand was pretty high for this gadget.  As of now, they are out of stock on most configurations.  Most reviews I read said wait this time and don’t get it, since it wasn’t a substantial upgrade from the Voyage.

I have to disagree.  The fact that the Kindle Oasis finally has a bezel big enough to hold the kindle single-handed without accidentally turning the pages, is a huge benefit.  Also, increasing the number of internal lights is very nice.  The additional battery life is nice, but the Voyage lasted long enough for me already.

Kindle Comparision Chart
Kindle Comparison Chart

A lot of reviewers were also comparing the Oasis to the Paperwhite model.  This is a mistake.  You should compare it to the Voyage.  I did and it is dramatically lighter and thinner, at least on the non-battery sides of the Oasis.  Oasis, as you can see in the above chart is 4.6 ounces.  The Voyage is 6.3 ounces.  A difference of 37%!

I quickly figured out how to change the name of the kindle and discovered that it was not trying to automatically download books, it was just populating what books I had bought, but not downloading them.

I ended up pushing most of the books that I had bought to the Kindle Oasis.  It now has around 150 books on it and I can’t wait to start reading them.  I’ll do another update when I have had some time to read with it and see if I really do like it better than the Voyage.  I already like how the cover comes off easier and the look of the cover.  Although, it seems to scratch easily.

I read with it for a bit tonight and I did switch from hand to hand often.  It is a nice feature that you can switch from hand to hand and the screen automatically rotates.  The page turns are fast.  It is very light in your hands and easily held with one hand, unlike the Voyage.

I think this is a good upgrade from the Voyage.  Maybe those reviewers that thought it wasn’t didn’t read on their Kindle every day.  Maybe only real serious readers can see the advantages that this new Kindle Oasis can offer.