How to Read More

Reading by Vladimir Pustovit

Lots of people have new year’s resolutions to read more each year.  While I didn’t make my goal of 100 books in 2016, I still think 66 is not too bad.  If you think that is a lot keep reading and I’ll tell you how I did it.

This is how I read 66 books last year with two kids to watch and taking 3 online courses, not to mention a regular job every day that regularly required more than 40 hours a week.  The biggest secret to my success is probably audio books.  I listened to 3.7 days of audio last year.  14% of all books I read (consumed) were audio.  Listening to books is easy to do.  Sometimes I can do it at work on a break or when I’m doing something boring and reparative.  A long commute is a godsend to consuming lots of books.  I also listen in the gym and when I go on short walking breaks during the day.  Another big part of listening to books is not to buy them, at least not physically.  I download all the books I read from Overdrive, a company that sells audio downloads to public libraries so the patrons can download and listens to books free.  That’s right, free.  Download to your smartphone and listen as much as you want for free.

Reading Kindle at Old Street Tube
Reading Kindle at Old Street Tube by Annie Mole

Buy a Kindle.  It will pay for itself in no time!  I have the new oasis.  Whenever I’m heading out somewhere that I will have to wait or think I may get bored, I grab my Kindle.  I read every night in my daughter’s room.  She likes it if I lay on her floor while she falls asleep, so I need a quiet activity to keep myself awake.  I read.  Usually for a good 20 minutes before she nods off.

Lastly, use your local libraries.  That’s right plural.  You probably have a bunch within about 15 miles from where you live.  Use all of them.  Librarians are there to help and they do a great job!  You can usually find what you want, but sometimes you have to get in sent from another branch, its worth the hold fee, some don’t even have a hold fee!  Try to plan a weekly trip to the library to keep some books in stock and ready to read.  Better yet visit a used book store and buy some books to have ready for to read, that way you don’t have to worry about returning them before the borrowing period is over.

Good luck and let me know how you are doing.