80% off Bluehost

For days I worked hard at getting back up my old podcasting .com, historyonair.com. I tried unsuccessfully 3 or 4 times with the chat support from bluehost to correct whatever was the issue with the wordpress installation on their servers. They were unwilling and unable to help me get the site back up. They continually asked for more money to keep malware off the site. I think this should be part of the service they provide for the fees I already pay them.

Because of all this effort and time on my part I haven’t been posting on any of my .coms regularly. This week I decided to move off Bluehost to dreamhost. Where with their chat support reps I have been migrating 4 .coms to their hosting. I’m almost done. One site has been causing problems, but I hope to get that corrected this weekend. So thats what I have been up to. Not fun, but at least I’m making progress and those 120 episodes that I created on historyonair are back up and freely available for anyone to listen to. That makes me happy.