Review: Missing Person

Missing Person
Missing Person by Patrick Modiano

Missing Person by Patrick Modiano, was originally written in French I believe.  I of course read an English translation.  Mr. Modiano won the 2014 nobel prize for literature.  Because of this, I was expecting an amazing book with shocking brilliant prose.  The book is not bad, it is in fact a some what interesting story.  But it doesn’t move very quickly.  It is a kind of detective novel.

I bought this copy on abebooks I believe and it was hard to find.  I had to purchase it because none of the local libraries had a copy.  I think I know why they didn’t have a copy now.  There is nothing special about this book.  The story is just kind of there.  Nothing exciting.  Maybe this was just over my head, I’m not sure, but I can’t give this a good rating as it just didn’t interest me very much.  I think the best part was the first 40 pages or so when the story is just getting started and I thought it was building up to something great.  But it was anti-climatic.  I was let down.  This book only earned two stars out of five from me.  Very disappointed.