Thanksgiving means a nice slow start to the morning and since I went to the gym yesterday it means I can skip that today. I’m not worried about rating too much because I’ve gone vegan and I already know what I will eat. Michelle made a tofu loaf and a veggie side dish. I’ll have those two things and some of my mother-in-law’s stuffing. With that I’ll be full. I’m writing this from the in-law’s house right now. Lots of time to blog this weekend. I’m looking into using twitch too. I’d also like to use YouTube a bit more, but I want to have things planned out to say, because I don’t think I can be one of those spontaneous bloggers.

Above is my breakfast. I don’t always have coffee, but today I did, with a bit of almond milk to take away the bitterness. Michelle bought some intelligencia coffee. It’s not decaf, but its okay. The oatmeal is my go to Coaches Oats. It’s great! I have it most mornings.