Review: Wuthering Heights

Wuthering Heights
Wuthering Heights by Emily Brontë

The copy above it not the copy of Wuthering Heights that I listened to.  I listened to the audio version of the book.  I’m not sure if that was the best choice.  I think this is a book to read in its paper form.  Maybe I would have appreciated it more then.  I was not taken with the story or the characters.  Everyone was so upset at each other.  All the characters did was continually yell at each other.

This book read to me like a very dramatic soap opera.  It just seemed so over the top I couldn’t relate to the characters and they were so insane and upset constantly, with their laid back lives.  It was just to ridiculous to me.  I didn’t understand why Cathy did as she did.  I felt bad for Heathcliff, until he went insane.

I went on to watch the made for tv movie filmed in 2009.  I thought that maybe if I saw the movie I might care more for the story and characters.  I have to say that the movie did help a little, but it wasn’t enough to elevate the memory of the book in my mind.  The most peculiar bit is that my copy ow Wuthering Heights was read to me by a Romulan also, known as Carolyn Seymour.

Carolyn Seymour
Carolyn Seymour

In addition to being read to my a Romulan I also got to tick another book off my BBC 100 list!  Almost, half way through that list.