Bookstore Sales up 2.5%

Bookstore by Martin Cathrae

Publishers Weekly posted an article yesterday about a rise in book sales.  While this is welcome news to any book nerd, myself included, I’m still so sad that there was such a dive in book sales to begin with.  Don’t get me wrong I love reading on my kindle, iPhone and iPad, but I miss all the bookshops that once littered malls and especially the smaller mom and pop books stores, that sold new and used books.

These were the real diamond in the rough.  I loved to be walking in a new small town and come across a bookstore selling new or used books.  Browsing through bookstores is FUN!  Even if you don’t come away with anything they give you this wonderful feeling knowing that they are there for a return visits, when next time you might find that real jewel of a book that becomes your new all-time favorite.

The article states that we hit 11.17 billion in sales last year, up from last year, but horribly down from the pre-2009 high of 17 billion.  I hope we return to this number and I hope it is soon, because I want to see new bookstores opening up all over the place for book nerd browsing!