ChatGPT Learning Possibilities

…and ways people can take advantage of this new artificial intelligence.

I’ve been hearing a lot about ChatGPT and I wanted to explore more of what it can do. I wanted to see how easy it was to use myself. I created a user account and typed in my prompt:

write an information article about software bill of materials in easy to understand terms

I published what I got as a post on this website. This strikes me as interesting initially in two ways. First, I can type in questions and have this AI produce short and easy to understand articles for me to learn more about whatever topic I want, probably cybersecurity for the moment.

Secondly, I could also have it write lots of content for this blog or any other along with google adwords or anything else. All I’m doing is posting content, and I don’t even have to write it anymore. ChatGPT comes up with the content about a subject I want it to write about and people visit the site to read the content. I mean it’s not horrible content after all. Nothing really wrong with it.

This could flood the internet with many useless sites that are written by the same AI. Yes, I’m well aware that the internet is already flooded with lots of useless content, but not all of it is generating revenue for the owners. Just an idea. This is pretty neat, but getting a little scary quickly too!

Software Bill of Materials (SBOM)

A software bill of materials (SBOM) is a comprehensive list of all the individual components that make up a piece of software. This list includes both the source code and any external libraries or other dependencies that are necessary for the software to function properly.

Having an SBOM is important for several reasons. First, it allows developers and other stakeholders to easily see exactly what is included in a piece of software, making it easier to identify any potential security vulnerabilities or other issues. It also makes it easier to track down and fix bugs, as well as to keep the software up to date with the latest versions of its components.

Additionally, an SBOM can help organizations comply with various regulations and industry standards that require them to disclose the components that make up their software. This is especially important in industries such as healthcare and finance, where the use of certain components may be restricted or prohibited due to security concerns.

Creating an SBOM can be a time-consuming process, as it requires developers to carefully review and document all of the individual components that make up their software. However, there are tools and frameworks available to help automate this process, making it easier to create and maintain an SBOM.

Overall, a software bill of materials is a valuable tool for any organization that develops or uses software. It allows developers to easily see and manage the components that make up their software, and helps organizations comply with regulations and industry standards.

*This article was written using ChatGPT.