Weekly Cybersecurity Wrap-up 10/2/23


I tried this and found Chat GPT to be helpful writing about myself and using “resume speak”.



  • Cyberwire Daily – Ep 1918 | 10.2.23 – Adventures of ransomware, and other developments in cybercrime. Cyberespionage and hybrid warfare. A government shutdown averted. Cybersecurity Awareness Month is underway.
  • Cyberwire Daily – Ep 1919 | 10.3.23 – Where ICS touches the Internet. BunnyLoader traded in C2C markets. Phantom Hacker scams. API risks. Cybersecurity attitudes and behavior. DHS IG reports on two cyber issues. Updates on the hybrid war.
  • Cyberwire Daily Ep 1921 | 10.5.23 – Security risks in the hardware and software supply chains. Patches and proofs-of-concept. A look at recent incidents hitting major corporations. Online surveillance and social credit in Russia.
  • Smashing Security 342: Royal family attacked, keyless car theft, and a deepfake Tom Hanks