Weekly Cybersecurity Wrap-up 2/27/23


  • ChatGPT – good or evil? AI impact on cybersecurity – the business community is concerned about the AI’s potential to change the game for cyber criminals and wreak havoc in the world of defense organizations. Should businesses soon expect a wave of even more advanced cyber-attacks or simply more attacks? Will current cybersecurity solutions be enough? Or will ChatGPT instead provide cybersecurity specialists with more efficient and smarter defensive and threat hunting tools?
  • Splunk Training – As part of its $100 million Splunk Pledge, Splunk has committed to supporting nonprofit organizations that provide skills training to individuals from communities that have been traditionally underrepresented in the technology industry. It is our hope that the Splunk training you receive through WSC helps prepare you for a successful career in our increasingly data-driven economy.




Splunk – Pursuing Splunk Certified User Certificate

  • Completed What is Splunk Training
  • Completed Intro to Splunk Training

Pluralsight – Introduction to Information Security (2:53)