Weekly Cybersecurity Wrap-Up – 2/6/23




  • Chat-GPT Seinfeld, QNAP, Google FI, Headcrab, Banner, GoodRx, Oracle, & GoAnywhere – SWN #271 – Security News Doug Chides: Chat-GPT, QNAP, Google FI, REDIS, Headcrab, Banner, GoodRx, Oracle, GoAnywhere, & more!
  • Malicious Life 206 – The (Other) Problem with NFTs
  • Smashing Security 307: ChatGPT and the Minister for Foreign Affairs
  • Security Now 909 – How ESXi Fell – EU Internet Surveillance, QNAP returns, .DEV is always HTTPS


TryHackMe – Completed the “Walking and Application Room”

PluralSight Learning

Risk Management and Information Systems Control: Risk and Control Monitoring and Reporting – 48m – Addresses the risk management lifecycle.